Twenty Twenty-One

WordPress v5.6 was just released and it ships with a shiny, new base theme called Twenty Twenty-One. 🎉

This theme is an exciting update for a few reasons, it first off provides you with a really good structure for serving as a parent theme. As a parent theme, you have a lot more flexibility to customize and create a unique child theme.

The other reason is that it’s one of a few block-based themes and allows you to explore recently added block patterns. What I like about this updated theme, is the example for how to extend your own block styles on top of the existing base theme. In the same way, the editor styles are also extended to provide you with a uniform, editing experience.

If you have a few older themes that you are having to bring up to date with the new Gutenberg block editor, I’d recommend having a look at creating a child theme and extending the base colors, typography to match your project.

You can quickly customize the logo and footer widget areas, so having the flexibility to extend those regions should make it easier to migrate to. That’s something that feels like might pave the way for many developers to start building with the latest block editor and start creating your own custom blocks.

I’ve already started exploring a few child themes with Twenty Twenty-One and I think we’ll see a lot more custom layouts based on this theme.

What project will you build in 2021 as a child theme? 🤔