The resurgence of the analog web

When I started learning about web design, I recall having a Geocities page that allowed me to explore page layouts and graphic design. Animated gifs mixed with tiled backgrounds was something worth sharing with your friends. It gave personality and creativity to a space you could explore, which today is largely replaced by personal blogs, Facebook groups and pages.

Like trends often do, I wonder if we’re seeing some of those early days of the web come back in style. A simplistic representation of the web, or at the very least, bring back the fun and creative nature that it once had. I’m thinking in terms of personal sites and technical blogs which are often the playground in which we can safely, explore new ideas.

The motivation to simplify to just HTML might also come from the fatigue of learning and switching frameworks and content management systems (CMS). The amount of time it takes to update a project to a new version, only to discover the next time you want to extend a feature, that you might have to start that process all over again.

Earlier this year, I converted this site to a static format and have enjoyed the simplicity of not having to maintain a content management system or cloud service. The ability to publish to this blog using also gives me the authoring experience with the convenience of the Gutenberg editor.

The web development space is evolving at such a rapid pace and I see why there is a motivation to simplify and move away from the complexity of frameworks or CMSs.