Primo: develop sites like never before

Primo is an all-in-one IDE, CMS, component library, and static site generator

There are so many options in the CMS space today, especially with headless solutions where you simply want to decouple the front end. Typically, you would have the ability to select from component libraries that fit your project needs and the common ReactJS and VueJS frameworks come to mind.

There are many times where those solutions feel like overkill for a basic site, say a site that might have largely static content, aside from that semi-annual update or promotion. The consideration here is that any given CMS or front end stack over time will incur maintenance costs.

To those points, I’ve been a fan of the idea of simplifying the CMS side of things and have enjoyed exploring what “headless” solutions might look like. I’ve found that the fatigue of keeping libraries up to date and CMS endpoints running on remote servers are key points to think about when it comes to developing a “simple” site or project.

With Primo, you can quickly build out a static site that is self-contained, easy-to-manage and allows you to customize components on the fly. With the flexibility to build out a static site that you can quickly edit and deploy.

Primo is a component library and static site generator that is worth keeping an eye on.

Tailwind CSS comes with every site you create, by default. So this is a tool that also allows you to include your own dependencies, as needed. Give the introduction video a look to see it in action:

primo demo

There’s a large market of sites that are developed with a CMS but largely never use those capabilities, a solution like this would drastically reduce the time to update those types of sites, while also allowing for easy content editing. With Primo, you can publish a static site and deploy it to your host of choice.

Primo and Tailblocks


The power of Primo in my opinion is that you can create components on the fly, edit within the browser, all with scoped styles and with zero-setup. Give it a try @ and see what you can build with TailwindCSS blocks.