Dynamic forms with KwesForms

Let’s face it, building forms can be a chore when it comes to the complexity that it often brings. That’s where KwesForms comes in, this form service will take care of the validation, spam protection and submission notifications for you along with zapier integrations.

It’s marketed as a “form endpoint service” which is built for developers and agencies. The form setup is pretty straightforward and integrates well with any framework. They have a free plan so you can get started and try it out. Here’s a codesandbox example I created in reactJS as a demo, this is a dynamic form based on a simple set of field objects and controlled inputs:

They have a minimal set of styles that they rely on for the field validation and this example above uses some bulma styling.

Give KwesForms a try for free the next time you want to enable one of your forms, it just might make it a little more enjoyable and save you some time in the end.