Brizy cloud as a layout builder

Layout builders have come a long way over the years and they continue to evolve across content management systems and WordPress. I do manage a few sites that are using outdated layout builders and I suspect a lot of other “legacy” layout builders are catching up to this change with Gutenberg-style block layouts.

I came across a layout builder called Brizy developed by Themefuse. With the front end design approach similar to how Gutenberg is, the interface allows you to build out layouts using blocks. I’ve always been a fan of building web pages from the front end of the browser rather than having to visualize how those columns and blocks come together within an admin interface.

Normally, you would have to do a lot of adjusting and previewing to get those layouts just right. Then you might also need to add in a few custom classes to adjust and override styles as you go. In my experience, if the underlining framework for styling is familiar (such as Bootstrap), then you can add in utility classes which makes it a little easier.

I like how Brizy PRO is setup with pre-defined layouts and the ability to save your own global block formats. This allows you to build entire web page formats in the “cloud” with a demo URL for previews. Some layouts even have multiple pages of content that you can adjust for your own needs.

You can then export the entire layout and publish it within the WordPress interface using their plugin interface. Alternatively, you could export the entire web page format and host it as a static site, if you prefer with something like Netlify.

This is inline with how I like to explore design and have traditionally have used other layout formats or design elements as inspiration. I believe I may have just found a new wireframe tool.